Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bath time and Batdog

Fostermomma said today was bath day...I had no idea what she meant by this.  Fosterbrother and fostersister were outside playing while fostermomma took me upstairs.  She jumped in the tub and asked me to come I seemed like fun to be in the big white thing.

Then fostermomma turned on the tap where all of this water came out of.  I mean a lot of water came out.  It felt weird on my feet and well wet and stuff.  She had this big silver thing in her hand that all of a sudden started having water come out of it too!!  Then before I knew it, I was all wet!  It kind of felt like rain. I don't much like the rain.

Once I was all wet, fostermomma started rubbing me down with this really good smelling stuff.  I liked it just for the rubs but wasn't very impressed about having to stay in the white thing.

I had to get all wet wasn't so bad this time.  But then.....guess what I got play??
BATDOG!  Sammich dog turned superhero!

I sat in the hallway while I dried my feet because Batdog's don't like wet feet.

Then I posed for fostermomma to take a good picture of me in my Batdog costume.  I think it's pretty awesome, how about you?

It's Rewbynn....the Batdog....maybe I can help fosterparent's solve the mystery of this squirrel in the house with my new found kibble at a time

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