Wednesday, 25 April 2012

There's a squirrel in the house!!

So when I first came to fosterparent's house, I noticed something very strange....a squirrel in the house!!  Can you believe this?  I tried to tell my foster parents this but they seemed to give it pets and food and stuff.  He is in this metal box thingy that sits in the dinning room.  It took some time of foster parents telling me that I couldn't try to play with the squirrel thing or jump on his metal box but now I know the word "leave it" and with lots of practice and cookies, I can now sit by his cage and smell his little fluffy squirrel body.

He seems to make lots of noise at night time running around his metal box and eats this green stick stuff that comes out of a bag.  I watch fostermomma feed the squirrel every night and sit next to her waiting to see what happens.  Maybe the squirrel wants to play with me too?  Foster brother Crisco and foster sister Roxy always go up to his metal box and give him kisses and the squirrel seems to like this.

I'll keep learning about this squirrel they have in the house and maybe someday he will let me give him kisses too.  It seems strange to have a squirrel in the this something all parents do?

Fosterparents say that the squirrel actually is a chinchilla....whatever that is?!  This chinchilly thing sure looks like a squirrel to me.

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