Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Batdog and Underbite

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Batdog is back on official business.

For the past week, I have been trying to come up with some great names for my new sidekick.  That's right, I have a sidekick!  Every superhero dog needs a sidekick and so here he is!

Introducing Underbite!  He doesn't talk back to me, try to eat my kibbles and I don't even have to share my kongs with him.  We fight crime together.

Your probably wondering why I didn't ask fostersister Roxy or fosterbrother Crisco to be a part of my crime fighting team but after some much needed interviews and some lounging on the chair with fostersister, I realised its never good to work with family.  I needed someone new and fresh to the house and he seemed just right! Fostermomma brought him home one night and said that her wonderful friend Emily gave him to her as a birthday present!!  Pretty cool eh?

I'm sure he has talents far beyond what I could have ever imagined.  Tomorrow is the start of our superhero training.  Today we rest up and Underbite's first duty as my sidekick, guard my crate from the squirrel while I sleep.  So far so good. ;)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bath time and Batdog

Fostermomma said today was bath day...I had no idea what she meant by this.  Fosterbrother and fostersister were outside playing while fostermomma took me upstairs.  She jumped in the tub and asked me to come I seemed like fun to be in the big white thing.

Then fostermomma turned on the tap where all of this water came out of.  I mean a lot of water came out.  It felt weird on my feet and well wet and stuff.  She had this big silver thing in her hand that all of a sudden started having water come out of it too!!  Then before I knew it, I was all wet!  It kind of felt like rain. I don't much like the rain.

Once I was all wet, fostermomma started rubbing me down with this really good smelling stuff.  I liked it just for the rubs but wasn't very impressed about having to stay in the white thing.

I had to get all wet wasn't so bad this time.  But then.....guess what I got play??
BATDOG!  Sammich dog turned superhero!

I sat in the hallway while I dried my feet because Batdog's don't like wet feet.

Then I posed for fostermomma to take a good picture of me in my Batdog costume.  I think it's pretty awesome, how about you?

It's Rewbynn....the Batdog....maybe I can help fosterparent's solve the mystery of this squirrel in the house with my new found kibble at a time

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

There's a squirrel in the house!!

So when I first came to fosterparent's house, I noticed something very strange....a squirrel in the house!!  Can you believe this?  I tried to tell my foster parents this but they seemed to give it pets and food and stuff.  He is in this metal box thingy that sits in the dinning room.  It took some time of foster parents telling me that I couldn't try to play with the squirrel thing or jump on his metal box but now I know the word "leave it" and with lots of practice and cookies, I can now sit by his cage and smell his little fluffy squirrel body.

He seems to make lots of noise at night time running around his metal box and eats this green stick stuff that comes out of a bag.  I watch fostermomma feed the squirrel every night and sit next to her waiting to see what happens.  Maybe the squirrel wants to play with me too?  Foster brother Crisco and foster sister Roxy always go up to his metal box and give him kisses and the squirrel seems to like this.

I'll keep learning about this squirrel they have in the house and maybe someday he will let me give him kisses too.  It seems strange to have a squirrel in the this something all parents do?

Fosterparents say that the squirrel actually is a chinchilla....whatever that is?!  This chinchilly thing sure looks like a squirrel to me.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My new friends!!!!

I've been with foster parents for 4 weeks now and after lots and lots of time and cookies and patience foster momma says, I get to hang out with my foster sister Roxy and foster brother Crisco!! (Note from fostermomma: we worked on this process over the last 4 weeks)

It was a long process but in the end...I get to hang out with my friends!  We did complete separation, gate thingys, tie down and now leashes on while we all walk around the house.
(Note from fostermomma: the dogs were supervised at all times and did each step in short intervals, always ending on a good note and only moving onto the next step when we were certain all the dogs were ready)

Fostermomma said good things happen when we are all around each other and after time, lots of cookies and kisses from Roxy and Crisco and foster parents, we all get to walk around the house together!  I'm sooooo happy!! Roxy and I snuggle and sleep the day away together. She loves to cuddle. And Crisco sure gives lots of kisses and cleans my face really nice...he's so cool and BIG!

She has a favourite chair she likes to sleep in and she shares it with me so I can look out the window and sometimes nap too.

I can't wait to tell you all about my adventures with them.  It's going to be so much fun.  I just love my new friends xoxoxox

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

S is for sleeping......zZzZzZz

It's Rewbynn the sammich!
I'm on the road to a great recovery eating lots of mushy foods and sleeping a whole lot!  I'm all done my medicine that fostermomma was giving me but I'm feeling much better.  My face is back to normal and I look like a Rewbynn once again...Seeee!! This is my upside down big ears face (my eyes look silly from the flash)

I had a big weekend, going for a nice long car ride which I slept most of the way there and back but sometimes had a peek to see if we were almost there.

Fosterdad likes to take me for car rides and fosterparents say I'm so good in the car, I love to sit and watch whats going on or take up the whole back and relax.

I got to meet lots of new people and even someone that was my size.  He was very nice and let me come to him.  I then cleaned his entire face and ears too!  It was so much fun hanging out with all these new wonderful people.  Everyone cuddled me and pet me so nicely.  There was so much excitement that I had sooo many naps, I actually slept the majority of the days on the couch with someone...

In my crate....I'm in there somewhere ;)

After my naps, we would go outside so I could use the bathroom.  But then, more belly rubs and cuddles in the shop with fosterdad!

I love to sleep across fosterdad's lap, next to him or take his spot completely on the couch and lay on my back snoring as loud as an elephant fostermomma says.

I was kind of sleeping while I wrote this and its way past my bed time......time to go snuggle with my big blue donut in my crate for the night. ZzZzZzZzZz

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Sorry for not posting anything last night everyone but I was just sooooooo sleepy.  I am now recovering from my surgeries and feeling kinda yucky.  My face is really swollen and foster momma says I kinda look like a Shar Pei with my face like this! ;)  She says I'm still just the most handsome of fellas but all that swelling has changed my identity.....kind of like a superhero that wears a mask I think.  I feel like a that I'm neutered and just as cool as all the other rescue dogs. 

Foster momma made me the most delicious of breakfasts this morning.  I was just so was all mushy and smelled amazing.  Foster momma said I have to eat soft things for the next while until my mouth feels better and heals.  She soaked my kibbles and then put this awesome stuff that came out of a can into it and then put it into a machine that made it spin round and round and was really loud but then when it was done, it was like a big mushy bowl of deliciousness!! See?!! Yummmm

I also have to have all kinds of meds....there is white pills, pink pills, little pills, big pills, liquid stuff and I have to take them twice a day.  I don't much like them but foster momma puts them in my mushy bowl of deliciousness so I don't really notice.

Foster momma and dad bought this new amazing bed for me to sleep on.....I just curl up in a little round ball and dream away on this big comfy bed.  It's so soft and really helps me relax since I have ouchies at both ends.  Foster momma and I cuddled really nice together on the big comfy bed this morning.  We had a nice nap together since neither of us got much sleep...she kept checking on me and I moved around a lot trying to make my crate extra comfy last night.

Foster momma came home today with this round thing.  It goes around my neck. She kept saying to me to stop licking at my boy parts and I didn't know why but when she came home with the round thing, she explained....said she didn't want me to get an infection and we need it to heal quickly and nicely which would be better for me.  The round thing that goes around my neck doesn't let me lick my boy parts.....that made me kinda sad so I just lay here and stare at foster parents hoping someone takes it off.

I'm not supposed to play, run, jump, chew on anything or bother with my ouchie parts which I guess is okay because all those meds make me kinda sleepy anyways.....I think I'll just nap the rest of the day and get lots of smooches and cuddles.

xoxoxox - Rewbynn

Monday, 9 April 2012


Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope everyone had a great long weekend....I sure did! I got to be outside lots and enjoy some cuddles, lots of sleeping in and the sun!

I was so tired from all the fun outside that I slept in the car while Foster momma and dad drove home from our delicious Easter dinner....I got lots of cookies!

Foster momma gave me the greatest news that some very nice peoples sent in some electronic monies to help get my teeth fixed and so I wanted to give a big thank-you to the wonderful peoples. Foster momma took a picture of me with my thank you sign but in case you can't read it, Thank you to Leigh, Stef, Dan and The house Hippo Eugene!!

Tomorrow is my big day and Foster momma says I get to go for a car ride, see the doctor's house again....oh how I love the smells at his house and see the pretty ladies that give me cookies! I'll let you know tomorrow how I'm feeling. I will have to get Foster momma to help me do my blog because I'm going to be soooo sleepy. Foster momma says I'm getting my teeth pulled, neutered and get my vaccines tomorrow....she says it's what's best for me. Neutering doesn't sound like that much fun but Foster momma and dad say that all the cool rescue dogs do it so once I heard this, I wanted to be as cool as them! Foster dad says he's going to cuddle me lots when I get home from the doctor's house.

Time for me to get lots of rest before my big day tomorrow!! Lots of slobbery kisses and tail wags

xoxoxox Rewbynn - like the sammich!!