Tuesday, 17 April 2012

S is for sleeping......zZzZzZz

It's Rewbynn again...like the sammich!
I'm on the road to a great recovery eating lots of mushy foods and sleeping a whole lot!  I'm all done my medicine that fostermomma was giving me but I'm feeling much better.  My face is back to normal and I look like a Rewbynn once again...Seeee!! This is my upside down big ears face (my eyes look silly from the flash)

I had a big weekend, going for a nice long car ride which I slept most of the way there and back but sometimes had a peek to see if we were almost there.

Fosterdad likes to take me for car rides and fosterparents say I'm so good in the car, I love to sit and watch whats going on or take up the whole back and relax.

I got to meet lots of new people and even someone that was my size.  He was very nice and let me come to him.  I then cleaned his entire face and ears too!  It was so much fun hanging out with all these new wonderful people.  Everyone cuddled me and pet me so nicely.  There was so much excitement that I had sooo many naps, I actually slept the majority of the days on the couch with someone...

In my crate....I'm in there somewhere ;)

After my naps, we would go outside so I could use the bathroom.  But then, more belly rubs and cuddles in the shop with fosterdad!

I love to sleep across fosterdad's lap, next to him or take his spot completely on the couch and lay on my back snoring as loud as an elephant fostermomma says.

I was kind of sleeping while I wrote this and its way past my bed time......time to go snuggle with my big blue donut in my crate for the night. ZzZzZzZzZz

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