Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Sorry for not posting anything last night everyone but I was just sooooooo sleepy.  I am now recovering from my surgeries and feeling kinda yucky.  My face is really swollen and foster momma says I kinda look like a Shar Pei with my face like this! ;)  She says I'm still just the most handsome of fellas but all that swelling has changed my identity.....kind of like a superhero that wears a mask I think.  I feel like a that I'm neutered and just as cool as all the other rescue dogs. 

Foster momma made me the most delicious of breakfasts this morning.  I was just so was all mushy and smelled amazing.  Foster momma said I have to eat soft things for the next while until my mouth feels better and heals.  She soaked my kibbles and then put this awesome stuff that came out of a can into it and then put it into a machine that made it spin round and round and was really loud but then when it was done, it was like a big mushy bowl of deliciousness!! See?!! Yummmm

I also have to have all kinds of meds....there is white pills, pink pills, little pills, big pills, liquid stuff and I have to take them twice a day.  I don't much like them but foster momma puts them in my mushy bowl of deliciousness so I don't really notice.

Foster momma and dad bought this new amazing bed for me to sleep on.....I just curl up in a little round ball and dream away on this big comfy bed.  It's so soft and really helps me relax since I have ouchies at both ends.  Foster momma and I cuddled really nice together on the big comfy bed this morning.  We had a nice nap together since neither of us got much sleep...she kept checking on me and I moved around a lot trying to make my crate extra comfy last night.

Foster momma came home today with this round thing.  It goes around my neck. She kept saying to me to stop licking at my boy parts and I didn't know why but when she came home with the round thing, she explained....said she didn't want me to get an infection and we need it to heal quickly and nicely which would be better for me.  The round thing that goes around my neck doesn't let me lick my boy parts.....that made me kinda sad so I just lay here and stare at foster parents hoping someone takes it off.

I'm not supposed to play, run, jump, chew on anything or bother with my ouchie parts which I guess is okay because all those meds make me kinda sleepy anyways.....I think I'll just nap the rest of the day and get lots of smooches and cuddles.

xoxoxox - Rewbynn

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