Monday, 9 April 2012


Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope everyone had a great long weekend....I sure did! I got to be outside lots and enjoy some cuddles, lots of sleeping in and the sun!

I was so tired from all the fun outside that I slept in the car while Foster momma and dad drove home from our delicious Easter dinner....I got lots of cookies!

Foster momma gave me the greatest news that some very nice peoples sent in some electronic monies to help get my teeth fixed and so I wanted to give a big thank-you to the wonderful peoples. Foster momma took a picture of me with my thank you sign but in case you can't read it, Thank you to Leigh, Stef, Dan and The house Hippo Eugene!!

Tomorrow is my big day and Foster momma says I get to go for a car ride, see the doctor's house again....oh how I love the smells at his house and see the pretty ladies that give me cookies! I'll let you know tomorrow how I'm feeling. I will have to get Foster momma to help me do my blog because I'm going to be soooo sleepy. Foster momma says I'm getting my teeth pulled, neutered and get my vaccines tomorrow....she says it's what's best for me. Neutering doesn't sound like that much fun but Foster momma and dad say that all the cool rescue dogs do it so once I heard this, I wanted to be as cool as them! Foster dad says he's going to cuddle me lots when I get home from the doctor's house.

Time for me to get lots of rest before my big day tomorrow!! Lots of slobbery kisses and tail wags

xoxoxox Rewbynn - like the sammich!!

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  1. Good lucks Rewbynn! I did it and it's easy peasy! All the extra attention is worth it!
    - Eugene