Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Doctor....fix me please!

I'm soooooo tired and feel icky.  The past few days I haven't been enjoying anything, not even cookies or kibbles.  Foster parents got my breakfast all ready for me this morning and I tried really hard to eat it but it just hurt so much to chew it.  Foster momma put water in my food and even beef broth last smelt delicious but I'd rather just lay down and sleep all day and get lots of cuddles.  I've also been gagging a lot and then heaving like my belly wants to get sick but nothing come up but slober.  Foster momma said it was time to head to see the doctor......did that mean a car ride?

Its so much fun to get ready.  To leave I have to get on my leash, this thing foster momma calls a harness and then the muzzle!  Firstly, I DON'T like this thing but I'm as perfect as an angel to have it on because then I get cookies.  On the way to the doctor's I got to watch out the windows and see all the other people and even got to see another four legged friend walking by!

The doctor's house was nice and SOOOOO many smells.  I think a lot of pretty girls have been here before because I smelt soooo many of them and that was just outside of the building.  Once we got inside, I met a whole bunch of really nice ladies that gave me pets and COOKIES!  We walked right back into another room where I had to stand on this strange flat thing that told me I was 48lbs!!!  Can you believe it??  All muscle of course! ;)  I sat in this good smelling room like a really good boy waiting for the doctor but really wasn't feeling well so I laid down to rest.

When the doctor came in, he was tall and seemed very nice.  He got down on the ground with me and let me give him lots of kisses.  I let him look in my mouth since foster momma said it was okay and she gave me cuddles while he did this.  Doctor found out why I've been feeling so sick.....I have 3 rotten teeth and they need to come out!  Can you beleive this?  Doctor says my nerves are exposed and it must hurt a does! And that I'm gagging from salivating so much because my mouth is so sore.  See??!!!!!!

I got so many cookies for being so good but really I didn't want just hurts so much.  Foster momma told me that I needed to have my teeth out so that I could feel better but I also had to take some medication until then so I don't get an infection and also to help with the pain.  I don't like the taste but foster momma wraps them up in ham so I bear the pain and take them anyways since it smells so good. 

Foster momma said I have to go in next tuesday to be neutered....excuse me???! Did I hear right?? Neutered....we'll talk about that later, get all my vaccines annnnnnndddddd.........have my teeth pulled.  If I don't go in and have them done, I could get really sick. :(

All of these things cost lots of monies foster momma says and we need help to pay for it!  I really don't want to feel icky for much longer....I love and want to eat but my mouth hurts so much....can anyone please help foster momma and the wonderful ladies that saved me give some monies to help get doctor man to make me feel better??  Can you help??

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