Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Foster Parent to do List!!

Hey, it's Rewbynn......like the sammich and I'm just as unique as the spelling!  I've been with my foster parents for 1+1+1+1+1=?? unnn well a few days now and I thought I would tell you a bit about my experiences so far......

When I first came to my foster parent's house, I was so excited and wanted to smell all the wonderful things in my new space.  I just couldn't stay still....Foster parents said I was just soooo wiggly.  I loved to wiggle so much that I hurt my tail from wagging it that foster momma had to put this stuff on it.  She cut out hearts and put them on there too because she said it will help it heal faster! Seee!!!?!

They said that my bedroom was in the basement.....the basement?!  This didn't sound very fun at first and then I found out that I had my very own bed to sleep on (I didn't have a bed where I was before so I slept on the cold floor), my own bowls, chewies and something called a crate.......have you ever seen one of these things before??  Foster parents told me that this was where I could relax and have my own safe place to sleep and dream of all the fun I will have.  I really didn't like this idea because then I couldn't be near foster parents and cuddle them so I screamed as loud as I could to get them to come to see me and even figured out how to open this crate thing! see....the doors open.  Who says you need opposable thumbs to open doors??

When foster parents came down to see me, I was standing at the bottom of the stairs wagging my tail as hard as I could.  I just really didn't want to sit still at all.  Why couldn't I cuddle with them all night  and give them lots of smooches like earlier?! Foster momma came down and spent time with me laying on the floor until I was fast asleep.  She whispered to me that her and foster dad had to make something called a "Foster Parent to do List"........she kept saying to me that I was safe and loved and it only gets better from here.  Her voice was so nice.  

I slept while she wrote the list and she reviewed it with me when I woke up screaming as loud as I could for them to come cuddle some more.

After some much need cuddles, she moved my bed into a different kind of crate thing....it was more like a box with windows and a door (note from foster momma...a plastic airline crate was used as Rewbynn seemed more comfortable in it)....I actually didn't mind this one.  Foster momma gave me so many cookies and with all the exciting things I was soooooo sleepy and could barely keep my eyes open.  I went in my crate only for lots of cookies of course and fell fast asleep with foster momma sitting on the chair next me and I slept all night in my comfy new crate thing.

Time to dream the night away..... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

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